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    Bachelorette Party
    My girlfriends went with your company when we planned a Bachelorette Party for
    our friend
    ...he showed up and put on a hell of a performance.. OMG we all were all smitten
    with our entertainer... The website was easy to use. This was my first time using
    this type of service and this site but it won't be the last. Everything went great,
    our entertainer was professional and very sexy, his show was beyond all our
    We plan to have another party soon and we will use this service again...
    We can't stop talking bout how much fun it was... Jennifer. N...

    Bridal Showers
    I just had to write you, let everyone know, what a memorable experience
    we had with your male stripper. We had Brandon, not only was he hot!!!
    He was very considerate to our request, not to touch the bride -to- be, he was more
    than accommodating,
    he made us all feel comfortable, he did a wonderful routine that left us with an ear
    to ear smile,
    If you could see my face, I'm still wearing that smile.
    Thank you Brandon, you really went all out for us, and you will be our choice
    for any future bridal showers. Thank you to all who made this happen!! Lucy. A...

    Females Dancers
    Hello, I had to write you to thank you for the wonderful experience with your
    After the company I originally booked with, dropped the ball last minute I called
    you for 2
    females dancers and you came through and your girls did a great job. I can't
    thank you enough
    for saving my butttt that weekend. Thank you once again for a memorable
    AlAn Goutz...

    Hen Party
    "The staff we spoke to was excellent, very professional. They explained everything
    to us since we had never done anything like this before and did not know what to
    Our entertainer was great, was a major hit at our hen party. The only issue
    was he was a little late thats the only thing we were not happy about,
    but once he arrived everything was great" Billie M...

    Stagette Party
    "I am the type to follow the lead and referrals from those I know, so I asked around
    when it was time to plan my friends Stagette party...I heard this site was the one
    to go to,
    that the company has been in business over 2 decades, and they provide
    and models for professional, corporate, private events. My friends at a local
    nightclub said
    they use them for promo models and entertainers all the time...
    I liked what I heard from people so I went with them...I called the number on the
    I talked to one of the girls in the office, (you could hear others and a lot of phones
    in the background so they were busy as I had heard)...the girl was very nice,
    arranged everything for me and I was surprised how quick, easy, friendly
    and professional they truthfully there was a glitch...the day of the event
    the manager calls me and tells me the entertainer I wanted was not going
    to be able to make it...the manager assured me they could send a replacement
    or I could cancel- it was my choice. I was hesitant thinking oh no, what am I going
    to get,
    but I thought I've gotten good feedback and vibes and went with it...
    a bit of reluctant and feeling anxious but I said OK and crossed my fingers,
    I did not want to let my friends down and really hoped this company
    wasn't going to let me down...boy am I glad I did...the replacement entertainer
    showed up, he was good looking and the girls in attendance were digging him
    ...the bride loved him, so much so we were afraid the wedding was going you be
    called off, haha...but it all was a great experience and I'm glad I said "ok"
    when they said do you want us to send a replacement...all ended better than i could
    have planned...I didn't let my friends down nor did the company didn't let me
    down. Jessica. P...

    Males Entertainers
    "We tried in the past with 2 different companies to get males entertainers for our
    both times were a disaster, about ready to forgo an entertainer for our latest party,
    a friend
    of a friend recommended this site, said they used them and there was no problem
    and they were happy...
    so we said we will give them a try, but if there is a problem, then never again,
    we will just forgo male entertainers...thankfully we won't be needing to forgo ever
    these guys were all we hoped for and we will be using them fact we
    already re-booked!"
    Patricia. Z...

    Male Dancer
    "The online booking process was quick, easy and secure! Our male dancer was
    better than we expected
    and we expected a lot -he was excellent! We could not have been more happy. He
    was professional, hot,
    fun, and a great entertainer. We all had a blast! Nancy. C...

    Male Stripper
    "The company website was attractive and very easy. Our male stripper, showed up
    on time,
    was clean, smelled good, looked good and he was really good dancer and my
    friends and
    myself liked him a lot. I have used other agencies in the past who left us
    disappointed and
    unhappy- we will be using you guys from now on" Alexis.

    Stag party
    "we called the site for girls for a Stag party...We ordered 2 girls...The girls were hot
    and sexy
    and did a show we won't soon forget...Great send off from the single life for our
    friend" Rick...

    Private Dancer
    "I used to think in every man's life you should experience a private dancer one
    Really glad your company changed my views on that...We've had  your girls on a
    occasions and definitely look forward to more" "the best!" Jesus. M

    Female Entertainment
    "Our group gets together every few months for "men's night or men's golf / sports
    trips...hanging with the guys is great fun but we all enjoy female entertainment,
    with a group
    it's too much hassle to go the strip clubs and pay covers and deal driving after
    partying hard...
    It's just not worth it...We always use your company and always happy we did...
    You bring the strip club to us!"
    Greg. P.... | Strippers | Exotic Dancers | Adult Entertainment